Stinne Gorell is a Danish knitwear fashion designer who has created a beautiful range of ponchos, scarves, pullovers, cardigans and woollen  hats based on her ethos of sustainability, quality craftsmanship and functionality. These lush knits are handmade locally in Denmark and now also in Bolivia, Lithuania and most recently India.

Local Danish Production
All hand knitted products are made by women in private homes all over Denmark.The women meet monthly, wool changes hands and most importantly the social network and feeling of responsibility and affiliation grows. All products are made of natural resources or recycled materials.

Bolivian Fairtrade Production
For the last four years a number of styles in every collection has been produced by women in Bolivia in co-operation with a Danish owned and Fairtrade certified company.
The products are made on manual knitting machines of pure wool from the free-range Bolivian highland alpacas.

Award Winning Lithuanian Production
A new co-operation with a very reputable and small family owned factory started in the beginning of fall 2015.
At the two day visit Stinne saw all the production facilities and met the employees. The Lithuanian business has won many awards over the years due to their high standard of working conditions and craftsmanship.
Furthermore they use natural yarns from European certified producers and are geographically in a country that needs  financial support.

Ethically Indian Production
The second new co-operation is with an Indian company, working with the formation and focus on sustainable fashion. Production of yarns and weaving is placed in one city supported by the government and the weavers are working in own homes.

Stinne Gorell looking towards the future
In the endeavour to be ethically responsible, together with contributing to the well-being of the Earth and its human beings, the Stinne Gorell manufacturers are chosen width care and the visions for the future working processes are growing. Furthermore STINNE GORELL supports the Danish relief organization that employs local labour force to build new sustainable schools, increases medical treatment and helps entrepreneurs into business.