Great gift idea from talented French designer Florence Aobadia, the Obag is a beautifully crafted alternative to the wine cask box. The Obag' reinvents the traditional bag in the box.

Elegant, easily used and packed away, less cumbersome, can be stored in the fridge or on a hook and can be reused anytime.The Obag' holds any liquid that uses a plastic bladder as its container so this includes wine, water, vegetable oils and fruit juices too. Use it at picnics, alfresco dining or events to dress up a meal.

To use simply:1. open the zipper 2. slide the bladder bag inside. 3. close the zipper and tie the cord around the tap/ valve. 4. suspend the Obag' wherever you want!

The Obag' is available for holding a 3 litre bladder bag which measures approximately 39cm x 28cm or as a 5 litre bag which measures approximately 44cm x 33cm.

Material is 100% Jute in natural colour.

Care instructions: Careful handwash. Definitely do not machine wash.

Designed and made in France.

The Obag is produced with the highest quality French and European materials and is produced in  collaboration with the French CAT workshops (Centre for Work Aid).
Obag' is also a product which is  ecologically compliant as well as elegant and is manufactured using  French linen weaved by the house of Deren as referenced by the CELC  Masters of Linen (European Confederation of Linen and Hemp). The material/ production protects it from spots and  stains and it can even be cleaned.